2015 National Championships

The 2015 Canadian Canoe Polo National Championships will take place from July 24 to 26 in Valleyfield, Quebec (Google Map). If you want to arrange a lift or travel plans you can submit your travel information here

The event will comprise 5 categories:

  1. Club A – Team Cost $300
  2. Club B – Team Cost $300
  3. Open – Team Cost $250
  4. Women – Team Cost $250
  5. Youth – Team Cost $150

Additional costs per person:

  • Quebec Whitewater Association Insurance $5 (Required)
  • Banquet BBQ $15
  • T-Shirt $10

Register your team

Registration Deadline is July 4th, 2015


Download complete rules here

Club A/B Category

This category will be Canadian Club exclusive at both the club and athlete level. No “imported” athletes or exhibition teams will be accepted. Team names cannot be provocative in any way and shall include the full or abbreviated name of its affiliated club (e.g.: EWP Crunch).

Equipment requirements for both division (A and B): adding to the ICF scruteneering safety rules, all team members are required to have matching top boat, helmets, PFD’s as well as matching numbers on an individual players helmet and PFD.

Teams eligible for Canadian Club Nationals – Club A/B – must

  • Be exclusively formed of approved registered athletes of the same CPC affiliated club
  • Up to 50% of the team can be modified within registered athletes from the same club up to 7 daysprior to the start of the National Championships so long as this does not change its overall category from A to B or vice versa.
  • No members can play in both A and B division at the same time

Open A, Open B, Women and Youth categories

These categories do not have any membership rules but entries will be by acceptance/invites by the CPC Jury Committee and HOC using the following as guidelines:

  • Need at least 3 teams to run the category
    • If this is not met, entries may be transferred into another Open category
  • Maximum of 8 teams per category allowed
    • Priority spots shall be given to
    • Foreign team entries o National team entries

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