Canoe Polo Council

Chair: Jean-Christophe Pothier
Vice-Chair: Kyle Polsfut
Treasurer: Darryl O’Brien
High Performance Director: Jason Allen
Athlete Representatives: Richard Allan, Christie Siddle
Domestic Development: Catherine O’Brien

Provincial Representatives:

      Territories: Steven Hatch
      British Columbia: Vacant
      Alberta: Keegan Smith
      Saskatchewan: Kendra Worman
      Manitoba: Vacant
      Ontario: Travis Dube
      Quebec: Julie Brisson
      Maritimes: Jan Kruk

Annual General Meeting Minutes

2012 AGM Minutes
2011 AGM Minutes

2013 Meeting Minutes

February 2013 CPC Minutes
January 2013 CPC Minutes

2012 Meeting Minutes

November 2012 CPC Minutes
October 2012 CPC Minutes
June 2012 CPC Minutes
April 2012 CPC Minutes
March 2012 CPC Minutes

2011 Meeting Minutes

November 2011 CPC Minutes
October 2011 CPC Minutes
September 2011 CPC Minutes
June 2011 CPC Minutes
May 2011 CPC Minutes
March 2011 CPC Minutes
February 2011 CPC Minutes

2010 Meeting Minutes

December 2011 CPC Minutes
November 2011 CPC Minutes

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