2014 Worlds Selection

The final selection for the 2014 World Championships is fast approaching. Athletes should be aware of the selection committees and procedures for selections. You can find the relevant information below.

Men’s Team Selection Committee

    Erwin Roos
    Daniel Fuller
    Keegan Smith

Women’s Team Selection Committee

    Brad Cameron
    Daniel Fuller
    Mike Lawson

U21 Men’s Team Selection Committee

    Scott Allan
    Daniel Fuller
    Rick Janigo

U21 Women’s Team Selection Committee

    Keegan Smith
    Daniel Fuller
    Brad Cameron

Individuals will be selected based on the athlete evaluation document. This document has been completed for each camp athletes have attended since they were nominated to the squad in 2013. Please consult your coach if you would like to see your results from past camps and tournaments.

You can find complete details on the selection criteria by downloading the official national team selection criteria

Athlete Evaluation

Polo 2013 National Team Selection Criteria

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