Canoe Polo is the fastest growing discipline of the International Canoe Federation and is unlike other Canoe sports. Canoe Polo is a spectacular game that combines elements of kayaking, water polo, and basketball. Two teams of 5 players battle it out in two 10-minute halves. The aim is to score into a goal suspended above the water at each end of a playing pitch. Canoe polo is a contact sport that produces fast, robust action, where a wide range of skills, including the Eskimo roll, are regularly used. This is incredibly useful when a player is in possession of the ball and their opponent pushes them over.

Canoe Polo is played in 50 countries worldwide with increasing press and television coverage. Canoe Polo is a game for everyone. At club level thousands of players – boys, girls, men and women – compete against each other in competitions graded according to skill level. Highly skilled players at national and international level display exceptional kayak control, fitness and ball skills which provide superb sporting action for spectators.